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You are now at the entrance to the world famous 200 year old RUGGLES MINE. While mostly an open pit mine, there are also giant rooms and tunnels with arched ceilings to explore at your leisure.


Drive right to the top of Isinglass Mountain over an excellent access road and park on the summit plateau.

Here you are greeted by a vast panorama of valleys, forest and surrounding mountains including Cardigan, Kearsage and Ragged - You can see for miles!

A short walk from your car and you are in Pit "A", a man-made canyon with walls of white quartz and feldspar which gleam like alabaster in the sun.
Mineral collecting permitted. Over 150 minerals are found here including beryl, mica, amethyst, rose and smokey quartz, garnet, etc. Its uranium minerals such as gummite and autunite are prized by collectors and museums the world over.

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